Set of 22+1
2013, Fuente Fuente OpusX for Cigar Family Charitable Foundation (aka Opus22) will celebrate its 10th release. For the commemorative 10th release, FFOX for CFCF will come with 23 cigars (Opus22 + 1). The 23rd cigar is Fuente Fuente OpusX BigB, which was created in a tribute to Barry Herbst. Herbst is the man who made the molds for all the rare shaped cigars created by Carlito Fuente for FFOX for CFCF.  
500 boxes of Opus22 + 1 (very special collection of rare vintage Fuente cigars) will be shipped to the authorized Fuente Aged Selection dealers worldwide: 350 boxes in November 2013, and 150 boxes in May 2014.  The net profit from the sales proceeds will be donated to Cigar Family Charitable Foundation (www.cf-cf.org).
Release Quantity: 350 boxes in November 2013, and 150 in May 2014.
Each box is serial numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 
Each cigar is packaged in a special coffin box that is imprinted with the name of the cigar and the year of release.

For consumers residing in the U.S., the state tobacco and sales taxes will be added to the MSRP, and for consumers residing outside the U.S., the import and local tobacco taxes will be added.

The following is the list of the rare vintage Fuente Aged Selection cigars for Opus22 + 1, the Commemorative Tenth Release of Fuente Fuente OpusX for Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.

Special and Rare Sizes 
FFOX BigB (1)
FFOX 13 Belicoso (2)
FFOX 888 Especiale Natural (2) 
FFOX BBMF Natural (1)
FFOX BBMF Maduro (1)
FFOX Lancero (2)
FFOX Piramide 56 Especiale (1)
FFOX Shark (1)
FFOX Tauros The Bull (1) 
FFOX Tiger Shark (1) 
Angel's Share Churchill (1)
Angel's Share Toro (1)
Casa Fuente Mi Casa Tu Casa (2) 
Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Churchill (1)
Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Toro (1) 
Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Double Robusto (2)