DCSmokes.com is a Boutique Online Tobacconist

DCSmokes.com is the culmination of 18 years of hands on cigar retail experience.  We started retailing cigars during the cigar boom of the mid-1990's when quality was the least important factor and volume was king.  As the industry changed and our consumers' palates became more discriminating, we learned the value in targeting the best premium cigar brands and avoiding the mass market products.  Year after year, we gradually improved the quality of the inventory in our retail stores as our consumers demanded better, finer and more rare cigars.  Often asked why we didn't sell online, our answer was simple: We operate traditional brick and mortar shops, preferring to deal with customers face to face.  As times changed, we realized that our inventory of exclusive cigars could be made available online in a boutique web sales environment.  Upon examination of the existing online stores, we noticed that the web was missing an e-version of a welcoming brick and mortar tobacconist.  Our mission is to provide the finest premium cigars at a fair price without violating the strict standards of the respected manufacturers that we represent.  If you are looking for mass market products or grey-market pricing, you will not be happy with our site.  If you are looking for ultra premium, hand-made, fine, aged, rare and hard to find cigars...Welcome to DCSmokes.com where we are Selling the Good Life...One Cigar at a time!