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Southern Classic Cigars is a family operated company with its main office based in the southern state of Florida, USA.

Their small factory is located in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The yearly production volume is limited due to their very small amount of cigar makers (only 4 cigar makers). This allows them to fulfill their main goal which is to achieve the maximum quality control possible and exclusivity of their production”

Their factory in Nicaragua is managed and operated by the Cuban cigar maker and partner Juan Alberto Gomez-Pacheco, better know as “Papito” in the cigar world.

Papito was born in 1971, and at the age of 18 he started his cigar making career.  In 1994 he began to work as protege of “The Cuban cigar legend” Alejandro Robaina, with whom he shared 15 years of his life, learning and gaining experience along Mr. Robaina’s side.

In the year 2008, Papito moved to Esteli, Nicaragua. Since then he has been working on mixing and achieving the final secret blends for their brands: